Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The Great Outdoors

I went through such a very long time hating- well not hating, but certainly not loving the fact that we lived in the countryside, especially as a teenager. I felt it had zero to offer and always dreamed of moving back to the city of Bath (my home town), London or pretty much any major city with a bit more going on. 

Fast forward nearly a decade (where did that time go) and I honestly can’t get enough of “the sticks” (as my gran used to say). Everyday I feel beyond blessed to be living in the beautiful countryside of the South West of England and I find myself constantly wanting to take the boys out to explore the natural beauty around us especially as the weather heats up. I literally feel so at peace and tranquil feeling the breeze on my skin and hearing the birds and the trees, yes I know this seems ironic- being that we live in Glastonbury surrounded by Hippies and Ley lines but maybe there’s something to be said for the “magic” some of the locals claim it possesses. 

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