Saturday, August 15, 2015

Travel Diary - Germany

Well well well.... I haven't blogged in FOREVER. In the UK, I was totally uninspired, the weather was terrible and (shock horror) I'd barely been shopping- no point in buying summer clothes when I was still able to wear jumpers. But, I do miss blogging and I thought what better way to kick start myself back into it than a travel post as I'm currently holidaying around Europe. More specifically, at present, Germany by the Mosel river in a picturesque little town called Cochem. So without further adieu, I though I'd share some holiday snaps with what I've been up to. 

Top - H&M

(When in Germany....try a prestel. These were far too salty for my taste though and I'm a salt fiend so that's saying something.)
(Me and my little one in a chair lift)


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