Friday, June 05, 2015

Beauty Review: Lottie London


Hi guys, the sun is out and I'm back! Woop. I can't stand blogging outfit posts in bad weather so lets hope the sunshine keeps up. Although this isn't an outfit post I simply had to do a post on these brushes, for a long while now it's been all about the real techniques brushes which are inexpensive and pretty decent quality but as i was browsing Superdrug the other week I noticed a new brand and their range of makeup brushes which immediately stood out to me, mostly because they're in pretty pastel colours (and i'm a sucker for pastels and all things pretty). I had a look and a feel at the display brushes, and they're so freaking soft. So with that I was sold and I purchased the angled brush and the eyeshadow brush got them home to give them a go. I love them and I certainly think they match the quality of Real Techniques, so today I decided to purchase a few more (naughty naughty) and as I'm writing this post I notice they sell a set for £19.99 which pretty much includes all the brushes I bought... oh well.     


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