Monday, April 13, 2015

How to plan the perfect Baby Shower

Today's post is a little different but I thought I share with you how to put together the perfect baby shower as I held a surprise shower for my best friend on the weekend and seemed to go really well. 

Step 1) Set the date

I chose to hold the shower around 6 weeks before mama's due date, personally I wouldn't do a shower any earlier than 7 months just because you want the bump to be pretty big (for photo purposes haha) but there is no reason why you couldn't plan it for after the 20 week scan. Something else you may want to bear in mind is weather all the important people can make it and by important I'm referring to the relatives of mama to be and Grandma's of the new baby, so have a few dates in mind and find out which one would be most well attended. Just remember that you don't want it too close to the due date.

Step 2) Find the Venue

Finding the venue really depends in how many guests will be in attendance, I flitted between a few ideas on the location for my 9 guests, I really wanted a garden party but with this typically unreliable British weather I couldn't risk not having an indoor space and so I then decided on a village hall but my mum kindly offered for me to use my parents consevtory and garden which worked out perfectly. If you have guaranteed great weather then you could use a garden or park, if not then using a village or church hall maybe a better option for you. If you really wanted a blow out event, then you could book a tea room, hotel suite or restaurant. It's best to steer clear of using the mama to be's house because you don't want her to be stressing over anything.

Step 3) Decide on a theme and colour scheme 

I chose to have a tea party and seeing as I know the baby is a girl, I went for pink and lots of it, bellow are links to some of the items I purchased (incase you wanted to know). I borrowed my mums china and cake stands to serve the sandwiches and cakes, I also enlisted her help to fold the serviettes into flowers. I found Pinterest to be the perfect source of inspiration when it came to aesthetics so weather it's boy or girl you won't be stuck for ideas.

Pink cups, plates and napkins
Table Covers

Step 4) Pick the menu

Food: I served sandwiches, cupcakes, french fancies, berries and kettle chips, just the usual things found at a tea party but weather you plan on doing cooked food or a BBQ Pinterest has you covered.

The cake: I like baking and chose to make the cake myself, (picture here on Twitter) if you fancy a go too there are plenty of amazing recipes out there (especially on Pinterest), if not, head to your local bakery or supermarket, you could even buy a plain cake and have a go at decorating it yourself.

Drinks: As I went with a tea party, we had tea (obvs), pink lemonade and orange & elderflower juice, there are so many mock-tail recipes out there and I love how they look served in mason jars so that could be an option for you. To cool the drinks I added blueberries and raspberries to the ice to add a bit of colour, I also wanted to add edible flowers but unfortunatley they weren't quite in season.

Candy Bar: This all American idea is the most delicious way to decorate the room. Online stores such as Party Delights and Amazon permit you to buy bulk candy in particular colours, but as this was a last minute idea I picked up candycanes, bonbons and millions from a local sweetshop and love hearts, marshmallows and popcorn from Tesco, I also found some strawberry macaroons in Waitrose.  

Step 5) Choose the games

As for games, I printed two free games, the 'Celebrity baby name game' and 'Around the world matching game' from this site, I also got each guest to cut a length of twine to how long they think the circumference of the mama to be's bump is. For the final game I bought four jars of baby food, removed the label and made the guests guess the flavour, that was by far the most adventurous game I was willing to do, I've seen all kinds of nasty baby shower games consisting of 'pooey' nappies and all sorts, all of which I steered clear of, but what ever floats your boat. I left a plain white baby vest out for the guests to write messages to mama and baby with permanent markers as a keepsake.

Step 6) Enjoy the Day

The last step is to enjoy the day, not doubt it will be a success and the mama to be will be over the moon, oh and don't forget to take plenty of photographs! Seeing as I will be doing a pregnancy and newborn shoot for my friend I plan on making a scrapbook with all the photo's in as a gift for her.

Top tip 1: Use old jars and ribbon for vases
Top tip 2: Search charity shops for inexpensive vases and glass containers to display sweets and other snacks.

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