Tuesday, January 06, 2015

So glad I waited


(^Don't really know why I seem to be doing an Irish jig^)

Please excuse the fact that my head is half cut out of most of these photo's, it wasn't intentional, my remote seemed not to want to work today which sucked because the lighting was so good today and I didn't get all the shots I wanted. It threw me for six... I mean I basically had a tantrum on the spot, right there, in the street and I get funny looks at the best of times when doing my blog photos so god know what people thought today. Aside from that palava... the moment I layed eyes upon this bag (a few months ago) it was love at first sight, the only problem- the price tag. £99 was on the tag but it was reduced to £49.50 which me being me still wasn't a good enough reduction, yes it was sleek minimalist and leather but it was small and I wasn't prepared to surrender to the bag just yet, fast forward to the boxing day sales and it was just £29.70 and into my basket it went, the only problem now, is that I want it in the other colours and it's sold out- darn it. Similar story goes for the jumper, before Christmas I was obvs on a spending ban in favor of buying things for other people :s (a concept i'm still not sure I understand), anyhoo the waiting payed of because I got it last week for £10 a third of the original price woop (although I'm not sure why its still marked full price on the website)! Moral of the story, patience is a virtue.    

Sunglasses - Ray-Ban vintage (similar)


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