Tuesday, April 22, 2014



Jumper - Mango (similar)
Leggings - Zara (similar)

Why oh why have I never owned a pair of Vans before... well, I did want them a while back, you know, the white lace up ones everyone was rocking a couple years back but the price totally put me off. Especially as I didn't want them that desperately. If you watched my Spring Summer Haul, then you'll know I picked these bad boys up for £19 instead of £50 off the Kurt Geiger website. I am so glad I did, with the skater shoe trend showing no sign of slowing, I urge you to get a pair. Yes, the patterns may not be as 'cool' and 'trendy' as the Topshop Tika's but they are 100% more comfortable, so soft and cushiony (not a word, I know) and I much prefer the fit.  


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