Friday, March 28, 2014

4 Steps to Distress your Denim

Jeans - Gap

Step 1.
Get yourself a pair of jeans, be it new, old or thrifted. I picked up these Boyfriend jeans from Gap.

Step 2.
Get your tools, I used a razor, sandpaper, scissors, Stanley knife and tweezers. Rub the sandpaper over any areas you want a slightly faded look, I went down the center and over the back pockets, using a razor or grater is also good for this.

Step 3.
Make a horizontal incision either with scissors of a very sharp Stanley knife 1-2 inches in length depending on how big you want the rip to be. Then make another horizontal incision adjacent to the previous one, again, the gap in between the incisions depends on how big you want the rip. Take your tweezers and start to pull out the vertical blue threads, (you should be left with white horizontal threads) the first few can be tricky.

Step 4.
Using the Stanley blade or scissors make any more cuts you feel you want and using the sand paper, go around the edges to make them look more like tears. The trick hear is to start small, as from previous experience, rips tend to grow with wear and can end up crazy huge.   

And there you have it. I haven't gone crazy with these as I want to wear them a couple times to see how they wear and add more rips in time. I hope you find this tutorial useful :)

Thanks for reading.

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