Friday, January 24, 2014

Moody goose

Coat - Zara sale (Similar)
Jeans - Zara (Similar)
Shoes - Zara sale (Similar)
Earrings - New Look Sale (Similar)
Bag - Mario Valentino (Similar)

Sorry if I look particularly moody in these shots, I can assure you I wasn't although I would have been well within my rights to be as I discovered my lipstick had snapped (I seem to have a penchant for accidentally breaking/melting my Mac lipsticks). However my usual photographer was unavailable today and now I have my tripod and remote I decided to do them myself. This did entail much concentration on my part as it was pouring down with rain and my son was whizzing all around me on his bike- smiling, was the least of my worries haha. Anyway, I picked up these gorgeous little earrings yesterday in the New Look sale for £3- they're adorable. 


  1. Your outfit is great but I LOVE your makeup.

    Dejhana | Waite a Little

  2. beautiful simple outfit, loved it, and that lipstick color looks so cool on you, so nice and matte x

    1. Aww thanks Julia, that's what i was going for so i'm glad you got it :)


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