Saturday, January 04, 2014

Countryside Glam

Jumper - Zara (Similar)
Skort - Zara (Similar)
Necklace - New Look

Today, I thought i'd be sensible and wear my wellies, with this rain showing no signs of stopping and my parents living right out 'in the sticks' (as my gran would say) I decided to stop ruining my lovely shoes with mud and cow poo and actually put my Hunters to good use, they are actually slightly more gold then they are coming out in the pictures. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you will know that I picked up a couple of bits in the New Look sale including this lovely necklace and a beanie for a £1.

This year I would really like to extend my blog and start a Youtube Channel as I now have the equipment to do so.... well almost. I have received an early (very early) birthday present of a Canon 600D and I am soooo excited to get my hands on it, I've been dreaming of high quality photo's and videos for so long now. BUT, my partner has set me a challenge and he will only give it to me before my birthday (in June *sighs*) on the condition that I have 350 blog subscribers, so if you're not already following.... Please do :)

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