Thursday, December 26, 2013

Boxing Day

Gilet - F&F (similar)
Jumper - Primark
Boots - Gifted
Bag - Gifted

Happy boxing day dolls!

I hope you are all having a wonderful time, i certainly am and have been spoilt rotten. So, this is what i wore today, a warm and comfy outfit for another days chilling and over eating. I received these lovely riding style boots as a Christmas gift and i love them plus they're ridiculously comfy, I think they were from ebay so if any of you want to know the seller, leave a comment and i'll try find out!  

Now, i like my designer bags and don't get me wrong if i could, i'd always have the real deal and when it comes to brands like Michael Kors (whom i love), for me, his prices are accessible. But there are many unobtainable bags that i have a thirst for, namely from the likes of Mulberry and Chanel and when it comes to the likes of these, a replica is the only way to quench my thirst (well at least at the moment, whilst i'm still a student). So on that note, i chose this 'Mulberry Tasha' (real deal here) handbag and received it as a gift from my partner. I'm really happy with it (well as happy as i can be with a replica), it's well made and looks good, my only bug bear being that it's not real leather, but it does the job.

Finally, my aunty gave me several items from MAC and Estée Lauder (stay tuned for a beauty post) and so i wore Rebel on my lips today.   


  1. Loving the look, would you mind getting the link for the boots, they look so comfy xx

    1. Thanks Emma, they really are so comfortable! Here's the link


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