Thursday, August 15, 2013

My 5 Top tips to successful internet shopping

  1. My First rule, is a rule i like to use across the board when i do shopping of any sort, (well i try) and the rule is, "Do you need it"? I ask myself if i need whatever it is i plan on buying (and 99% of the time, i do, because a girl can never have too many shoes, right?) but, if there is any doubt in my mind i either leave it and don't get it, or see if it sticks in my mind and go back to it (well that's the idea anyway). Not only will it stop you from making unnecessary purchases, it'll also save you money, if you order something online and then decide you don't need it after all, you still might have wasted a few £'s on postage.   
  2. Read and write reviews - Most websites have the option to review an item, it lets shoppers leave their thoughts on an item, and if you can't go in store to see it in the flesh then utilizing this tool can be very beneficial. Obviously, you can't go by what other people say 100%, especially if there's the odd bad review and all the rest are fine. But, if people are consistently saying the same thing then its probably best not to buy it (or you should at least try it on in store). Many a times I've seen a nice dress or skirt on, read the reviews and found that they have all had the same problem, so i've left it. Then occasionally i've tried it on the next time i've been in store and have had the same problem as the other costumers, so all in all the reviews have saved me from buying a bad product. Equally you should leave your review for others, as it may help them to make their decision. 
  3. Patience is a virtue - So many times i'll be looking at full price clothes and will really want to buy them, despite the fact that they may not be worth the price tag. So, i have learnt that if its not a necessity then i should wait until it inevitably goes into the sale because there's nothing worse than buying a dress full price, then a few weeks later seeing it at half the price. However, if you do really want it, then don't hold back because once it's sold out (more often than not) it's gone and that can be just as disappointing (i'm speaking from experience *sobs*).
  4. Look for discount codes - Before i complete my checkout, i always Google for discount codes and most of the time i find something. For example, i made a purchase today from H&M online (stay tuned for some exciting posts), i Googled for a discount code (last time i found a free delivery code) and i managed to find a '25% off one item' code (it was 0560 for anyone who wants to know). Now 25% is a pretty substantial discount so i was most excited, but even if you don't manage to find one as generous as that, it's still good to save the pennies (and the pounds will look after themselves).  
  5. Check for your item/you're getting the best deal - For instance, if you find something on Mango that you like, check the House of Fraser website to make sure that they're not selling it for cheaper or vice versa. Same goes for River Island, New Look, Warehouse and French Connection (to name a few) and checking ASOS who stock these brands (plus many other). Occasionally they'll go into a sale on one website sooner than the other or there will be a better discount. Same goes for if it's out of stock, try another website that stocks that brand!
Thanks for reading


  1. Really good ideas here, I'm totally with you on all of these! Too many times I've been unsure about a purchase then ended up regretting it realising I never actually liked it that much

    1. I'm glad i'm not the only one!! I'm getting much better now though!

  2. Thankyou, this actually helped a lot. Depop is so addicting though xx


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