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Beauty Tag... The one and only

The lovely Chanelle from channellejade tagged me in this beauty tag and i'm very excited to do it. After experimenting with plenty of beauty brands/products, my rule of thumb is, "If you like something, why change it?" So you'll find a lot of my products are from the same brand.

The Question is... "If you could only have one *insert beauty product here* what would it be and why?"

Here we go... 

1. Primer - Ok... So, my top primer, I have to say is Smashbox's Photo Finish foundation primer, it's as smooth as silk and once it's applied to your face, your skin feels as smooth as a baby's bum. Not to mention it creates the perfect base for your foundation to go on.
2. Base Product - I use MAC's Studio fix fluid in anywhere from NC40 to NC45 depending on whether i have a tan or not. It's great quality, provides a beautifully even coverage and obviously, it's available in every shade you could possibly want so you're bound to find your perfect match (no more excuses for people going around with two separate skin tones). I like a heavy coverage as unfortunately i have blemish prone skin and so this does the job perfectly
3. Concealer - I use MAC's select cover-up in NC35, a slightly lighter shade to my foundation but i like the brightening effect i get. It's great coverage and lasts all day (as with all my MAC face products).

4. Powder - Again, i use MAC's Studio fix Powder Plus foundation (in anywhere from NC40 to NC45) to set my make up, i wish i could get away with not using a powder, but i'm prone to oily patches so this just evens it all out.

5. Blush -  My all time favorite blusher is by Sleek and its in the shade pomegranate, i love the quality of these blushes they are highly pigmented (so you only need a little) and they give the finish of something much higher end i.e. Nars. They apply smoothly and evenly to the skin and at £4.49 you really can't go wrong. I especially like this shade because it gives me the perfectly flushed cheek with a nice glow. I dropped mine and it cracked *sighs* needless to say, i quickly repurchased!
6. Bronzer - I don't really use bronzer a) i'm naturally bronzed and b) i much prefer a blush, but if i do use it, i love the bronzer out of the sleek face form in medium

7. Highlighter - This is tricky because i use an under eye highlighter by Smashbox and for the rest of my face i use the highlighter from the sleek face form (medium) or Sleeks Luminous pressed powder depending on what look i'm going for. But, if i had to choose i'd say the Sleek luminous pressed powder (No. 2) is my must have, as it's more subtle for a daytime effect and as with my Sleek blushes and bronzers they are great quality at low prices.
8. Make up brush - My favorite, hands down, has to be the Real Techniques Buffing brush, it really works foundation (liquid or powder) into the skin evenly (so no more streaks) and if i had to, i could get away with using it to apply blush as well.
   9. Eyebrow product - Hmm, i use a pencil and powder on my eyebrows as i have none (that maybe an exaggeration) and i love a good thick defined brow, but i guess i would choose the MUA ultimate eyebrow kit, i find it allows you to build your brow to your preferred shape and thickness and at £3.50 it's a steal. 
10. Eye shadow - There are plenty i love and all equally, but i'm going to choose the Bobbi Brown long-wear cream shadow in Sandy gold, it's shimmery and neutral and really does last well, it's the perfect shade to carry you from day to night.    

11. Eyeliner - I'normally use a pencil and gel liner but i have been LOVING the Glam eyes gel eyeliner by Rimmel London, my mum actually gave it to me and after years of using liquid eyeliner and unsuccessfully trying a couple of gel liners i find this one really easy to apply and it doesn't budge all day! 

12. Mascara -  My holy grail mascara has to be Diorshow by Dior. Sadly i hardly ever use this nowadays (after having my son) because (for some reason) i just cannot justify £23 on a mascara. However, this is 100% the best mascara i have ever used, it gives me major volume and when i do several coats it gives the look of false lashes (no exaggeration) and i love it. I cannot rave about this mascara enough, its perfect and lets face it, for the price, it should be.
13. Lipstick, lip gloss or lip stain - Love love love MAC's cremesheen lipstick in Peach Blossom, it's a perfectly pinky nude with a lovely shimmer. It glides on nicely, has a lovely creamy texture and feels nice on my lips not to mention that all the MAC lipsticks are vanilla scented (bonus). 

14. Lip liner - I've only recently started branching out from nude lipsticks (which i don't feel i need to use lip liners with) and so I haven't tried enough of them to have an opinion.
   15. Lip balm - Vaseline rosy lips with rose and almond oil although any of the Vaseline ones will do, it leaves my lips nicely tinted and moisturized. 
16. Nail polish - It's impossible to choose just one nail polish, i mean come on, there are too many great quality lovely colours... I pick Rimmel's lasting finish in 193 black cherries, it a lovely dark reddish purple and it's a timeless, classic colour IMO. 

So there you have it, my must have beauty essentials.
Hope you enjoyed it and might try some of the products mentioned :)

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