Monday, July 29, 2013

Christening Dresses

On Sunday I had a christening to attend and it was extra special because I was to be godmother. That being said, I had to look extra special haha, so I raided my wardrobe for the perfect dress, none of them seemed to be quite what i was looking for and so decided to have a little peek online to see if i could find anything. As I was looking on the Miss Selfridge website, I stumbled upon this beauty.

It was £55 reduced to £20 which i thought was a bargain (plus my student discount) and they have a free standard delivery offer with the promo code HELLOSUNSHINE, so i ordered it Wednesday and prayed it would come in time, i hate paying for regular delivery let alone next day. It was dispatched Thursday and i was able to track it, Saturday came and it was out for delivery and seeing as i didn't have to leave till midday and my orders normally turn up in the morning i thought i was safe, but midday came and it still hadn't turned up :( so i took my backup dress which was from Asos. 

Its still a nice dress and at £20 reduced from £45 i'm not complaining, but it didn't flare out as much in real life as it does on the model (for some reason the netting underneath wasn't the length of the skirt) and it just wasn't chic enough, anyway, here it is... 

And here's what i should have worn...

and from the back...

The only strange thing about this dress, is the zip at the back, as you can see in this picture it almost looks as if the zips too long and it bulges out, but it's no biggy.

Overall, both these dresses are pretty and for £18 and free delivery i couldn't really go wrong, i just wished that the Miss Selfridge dress had arrived in time.

Let me know what you think of these dresses :)  



  1. Haha i have commented 3 times now today! i cannot stop reading your blog! shame about the miss selfridge dress, their stuff is so pretty! :)

    1. I'm glad someone does :) they have some beautiful dresses!


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