Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A dress so nice i bought it twice

More online sale browsing brought me to the Dorothy Perkins website, a shop that i tend to disregard and usually forget about. As i was on there, i stumbled upon this dress 

I instantly took a like to the crystal embellishment and then to the price £15 reduced from £42  bargain, so I quickly added it to my basket and kept on browsing, that's when i then stumbled on the black version. I thought i'd have a quick read of the reviews which i always do when i'm buying online, to get a better idea of the product (seeing as you can't try it on) and it seemed to be mostly positive and other people had bought them both too. So with that assurance i ordered them both and i used the discount code DPINT15 for 15% off.

Here's what they look like 


and here's a close up

These dresses are nice, but I wouldn't say they would have been worth £42 for the fact that although they fit well, they don't fit perfectly, and the material isn't amazing, another floor is the armpit area, for some reason the material is cut quite low under the armpit and i'm not a fan of it. Having said that, for £12.75 each i am impressed with them and i don't regret purchasing them.
I also had a look at what warehouse had to offer in the dress department, sale of course (i'm dress obsessed at the moment), and i fell in love with this beauty 

I absolutely adore the edgyness of the leather and the soft girly feel of the chiffon, to me, in the nude tone, it looks quite high end. Warehouse are offering £1 standard delivery with the code JUSTARRIVED03 which made me happy :)


  1. Wow you have some stunning pieces here and some great bargains, gotta love the sales :)

  2. I love this! It looks really pretty on you! I saw your comment on vanilla cupcakes, thats how I found you!!
    Alice xx

    1. Aww thanks, and thanks for checking out my blog :) xx

  3. This dress is so nice! I actually want it! I love the crystal embellishment honestly this dress suits you so much! Check out my blog if you get the chance! Thanks hun x

  4. Simplicity is great! I agree with the armpit areas though, a little odd :)

    1. I'm going to try the black one with a vest top underneath and see if it looks any better!


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